Hello and Happy Caturday! Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? This is about the time of year that people start gearing up for the holidays. We always plan and do things with our family and friends but, what about our furry friends? I know it may sound crazy but, you can still plan holiday things to do with your pet. After all, they are part of the family right?

    Here are some fun holiday traditions that you can enjoy with your cat:

    • Host a get together but tailor the invite list to people your cat likes. For example, if your cat hisses at your neighbor, don’t invite them.
    • Make some homemade cat treats for your kitty.
    • When you wrap presents, include your cat. You know they are just going to step all over your wrapping paper anyway. Give them a sheet to play with while you wrap.
    • Maybe try a little holiday themed Cat Yoga.
    • Choose the right Christmas tree that you can cat proof but also, let them enjoy. For example, if you know they knock ornaments off, use plastic ones.
    • Throw on a Christmas movie and snuggle with your cat.
    • Make and drink some cat friendly cocktails you can enjoy together.
    • When all else fails, sing Christmas Carols to your cat… and enjoy the sideye!

    I plan on trying some of these to incorparate my kitties into the holidays with us. Let me know if you do as well. This can also work for dogs, too. (I may be a cat lady but, I love dogs too.) Happy Pawlidays!

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