Photo made by Chelsea Meyer in Canva

    The Halloween costumes for 2023 were so creative. There were people dressing up as Hailey and Justin Bieber, Avatar, and even Dr. Seuss characters.

    We are all familiar with Seuss’ beloved story of ‘The Lorax’, which one girl dressed up as for Halloween. Now you would think that a kid would absolutely LOVE that costume. You’re wrong. This little girl was mortified when she saw her aunt dressed up as a real life Lorax. Watch the viral video that has over 16 million views below!


    @daisyhipsher Replying to @nikki lol here’s the full video from my instagram 😂 DISCLAIMER: i had no idea she’d react like that because this was not her first interaction with the Lorax (my sister). She was previously giggling but then got spooked when the Lorax got closer to her. We did not purposely scare her, it was just “luck” i was recording already lol #halloween #thelorax #scaredbaby #funnycostumes ♬ original sound – Daisy Hipsher

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