Happy Caturday folks! I was talking to someone earlier this week who said they don’t let their pets sleep in bed with them and I was baffled. Firstly, I don’t think I could stoop my cats from coming into my bed. They think it’s theirs already. Secondly, I’d hate to NOT have them snuggled up with me. I’m not alone in this either. Most people who have pets allow them to sleep with them in bed.

    There are actually benefits to sleeping with your cat according to several articles I’ve read. I’ll highlight some of the biggest benefits for you:

    • It may help reduce stress in your life.
    • It can enhance mental and emotional well being.
    • It can build trust between you and your cat.
    • It can increase comfort for both you and the cat.
    • Cats are natural heaters and healers.

    These are just some of the benefits of having your furry friend join you as you sleep. My cats sleep with me every night. One specifically is a major cuddler. She loves bedtime and will run up the stairs and jump on the bed and wait for me to get into it.

    As much as I hate then they wake me up or step on my trachea as I sleep, I can’t imagine not having my cuddle buddies with me. So if you have the joy of having a pet, let them sleep with you.

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