Happy Caturday! Just me your resident cat lady checking in. I was watching TV on the couch with one of my kitties this morning and she was sitting in my lap per usual. She rolled over for me to rub her belly, which is just adorable. The thing is, most cats hate belly rubs. All three of my cats love belly rubs. In fact, there’s several things cats do not like that my cats enjoy.

    I read an article where a Veterinarian listed things that cats hate and they included things like:

    • Any sort of change.
    • Forced interactions.
    • Noises.. literally any.
    • Small bowls for their food.
    • New cat or animal siblings.
    • Citrus scents.

    All of those things, I’d agree my cats are not the biggest fans of. There was several other things on the list that my cats enjoy. Those included:

    • Warm embraces. One of my cats literally has to be sitting on or nearby and loves to cuddle. Generally, all three of them do.
    • Belly rubs. As mentioned before, they all love them.
    • Cleaning their “rub spots.” They actually love when you clean up their favorite spots and they can get in there and make it theirs again.

    I don’t know if it’s just how you raise them or my three cats are oddballs but the things I’ve learned is that all cats are individuals. They all have their own likes, dislikes, and special personalities. The best part is getting to figure that out along the way.

    For more information on the article referenced, you can click HERE.


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