1. How old were you when you started questioning who you were?

    I was raised by a Southern Baptist Pastor, so when I questioned who I was in high school, I always quickly dismissed it because I thought my family or God would not look at me the same.

    2. How old were you when you came out?

    It wasn’t until a little after my 21st birthday when I came out.

    3. How did you come out?

    I started catching feelings for this girl, who is now my wife, and we started hanging out. She was my first girlfriend. I snuck around with her for a few months, introducing her as my friend, because I was scared of what my friends and family would think of me. So I decided on New Year’s Eve to invite those who were close to me to tell them I was with Kayla and that I was a lesbian. 

    4. How did you know? 

    I knew because the way I felt with her didn’t compare to the men that I had been with in the past. I could finally be myself and love freely.

    5. Who did you come out to first?

    A full room of all of my closest friends. Anna, Amelia, Cortney, and a bunch of others.

    6. What was the hardest part about coming out?

    The hardest part was coming out to my Paw who raised me since I was born and was a Pastor at a local church. I never verbally came out to him. When I first started dating my girlfriend, now wife, he found a love letter I wrote to her and confronted me. 

    7. What was the easiest part? Was there an easy part?

    The easiest part was coming out to my friends. I was so scared at first at what they were going to think but that night on New Year’s eve, when I announced it to the room full of favorite people, they laughed and said they already knew. I was instantly relieved. 

    8. How did your family and/or friends react? 

    My grandpa was mad at first and kicked me out of the house. Eventually, he apologized and came around and ended up loving Kayla just like his own. My uncle, who is also gay, was super accepting and helped me get through that rough patch with my Paw. My friends were not judgmental at all and also accepted me for who I was. Even though apparently they knew before I even told them LOL.

    9. Who is your biggest supporter? 

    My Uncle, Nate, is always there for me when I need him, even when my paw kicked me out of the house for coming out. My best friends also are my biggest supporters and have been there for Kayla and I both, time and time again without any judgment.

    10.  What does Pride Month mean to you?

    Pride is everything to me and my wife. Every day we try to show the world and our community that LOVE ALWAYS WINS, and for those who cannot seem to understand this…well, we just love them harder. Pride Month is me loving everyone equally and accepting others for who they are.