Today’s American is overworked and constantly looking for ways to stay energized.  You can start with your diet. Here are some foods that drain your energy.

    Coffee/Energy Drinks: Caffeine may seem like the way to go when it comes to remaining alert, but anyone who overdoes it can tell you, it comes with a crash. The crash seems to always come in the middle of the day, when you should be the most productive. Try and limit your intake of caffeinated drinks.

    Candy/Sugar: Just like with caffeine, sugar can give you a temporary boost, but the result is often a crash. Avoid, avoid, avoid. You should try and get your sugars from natural sources such as fruit.

    Smoothies: You may think you deserve the healthy-eating gold medal for consuming that smoothie every day, but it really depends on what you’re putting in it. If you’re buying it from a “smoothie shop” odds are it’s loaded with sugar. And well, we discussed what that will do to you.

    Low Calorie Frozen Meals: The average low-calorie “Look At You Eating Healthy Cuisine” or whatever they’re called, contains about 300 calories. This isn’t quite enough. You need calories for energy. Also, these frozen meals usually contain too much salt, which can make you bloated, and tired.

    Okay, Genius, so what CAN I eat? Bananas, certain nuts, black beans and eggs are great sources of energy, and don’t forget the all important and almighty water.