Lady Gaga’s new hit isn’t a song but a sweet treat… Oreos! They come in a shiny metallic pink Oreo container and are bright pink cookies with an emerald green frosting in the middle. Some may argue, they are not as tasty as they look but I beg to differ.

    These cookies taste straight up like a frosted animal cookie and they are DELISH! Now, you’re probably wondering… how the heck did she even decide to come up with her own line of Oreo cookies? The branded cookies were inspired by her new album,  “Chromatica” and they have taken the internet by storm. Luckily, Woodman’s in Rockford has them stocked so you can still get your hands on these tasty tidbits but only for a limited time. Lady Gaga fans are known as Little Monsters… looks like it’s time for a name change… Little Cookie Monsters!

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