Name: Dallas

    Age: 36

    Town: Loves Park

    Marital Status: Married

    Kids: 11 yr old son named Phoenix

    Occupation: Goldsmith and Operations Manager


    1. Dallas is not a very common name…is there a story behind it?

    Yes, my siblings and I are all cities and so are our kids.


    2. What was childbirth like for you?

    A full bag of emotions, I felt like I was at an improv and fully committed to each feeling. The nurses/doctors and my family were the audience hurling suggestions my way. In the end, I was carted off stage and we went the c-section route.


    3. What’s something simple that you love getting to do alone when you get the chance?

    At home spa day: It’s not often enough but I love doing my own facials and pedicures.


    4. What was the first thought you had when you found out you were pregnant?

    First thought: Nope
    First action: Went to the store and bought seven more pregnancy tests. Why seven?, it’s all they had left on the shelf.


    5. How is the school year going?

    School year is going great, my son is incredibly smart. He is so much like his Dad, retains information with ease. I selfishly hope he will have a love for reading one day, but for now it’s a chore to him. I love to read so we are currently working on communicating that frustration with each other.


    6. If you had an extra hour a day…what would you do?

    That’s a tough one, I guess it would depend on the day. Extra time with my family, sleep, workout, read, listen to music, more pedicures, the possibilities with an extra hour are endless…


    7. Wine, cocktail, or Beer?

    Yes please 🙂


    8. Any regrets?

    None. Am I guilty of questioning a choice I’ve made, sure. But I regret nothing, I truly believe I am constantly being shaped by the choices I make and the accountability with my reactions to life. I’m not perfect but I am very happy trying to be a better person today than I was yesterday.


    9. What’s the most embarrassing thing your kid has said or done in public?

    We were on our way to a dinner party and my son had just found his wallet so he was extremely excited at finding what he thought was lost forever. My son’s Dad at some point asked him, Does your wallet have the Moth syndrome? (Moth syndrome to your wallet is when you open it and due to lack of cash a figurative moth floats out.) My son thought this was hilarious and thought he should share this with all the people at the party, I was assisting in the kitchen and by the time I was brought up to speed as to why people were handing my son money, I thought great, that’s the last time they let me bring this little panhandler…I don’t embarrass easily but that was as close to embarrassed as I ever want to be.


    10. How would you describe your parenting style? Helicopter? Granola? Competitive? Free Range? Other?

    Full disclosure I had to look up some of these parenting styles and to be perfectly honest I’m not sure I fit the mold of one specific type so I am going to confidently say other. How I see it, the most important thing we can do is try our best to raise decent human beings who contribute and are accountable. Respect is a big deal in my home and I believe it’s lost its value considerably. My son and I disagree at times but I think it’s important that I show him the respect he deserves hear him out and then I expect the same respect in return. I am the parent so I am going to “overrule” but I have to show him how to treat me and others. Accountability is another biggie, once my son knows the expectation his choices are his as well as consequences. There is a huge sense of pride that comes with accountability as well, I love when my son makes a better choice and is proud of it. We lead by example period.


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