Name: Debbi

    Age: 60

    Town: Belvidere

    Marital Status: Married

    Kids: 23 year old daughter

    Occupation: I have 2- Office admin at local church & personal shopper


    1. How are you feeling right now?

    Kind of overwhelmed with everything. My daughter graduated from college in May with no real ceremony. It was hard after 4 years of her being away to not have that closure. She had to finish all her classes on line the last 3 months of the semester.


    2. If you could go back to one part of your kid’s life and enjoy it all over again…what would it be?

    Really all of it. With her getting to start her own life the empty nest syndrome is really reeking havoc on my emotions. But if I had to pick one moment in time it would be when she was 4 or 5. We (her parents) were everything and we actually knew more than her then 😉


    3. Was it difficult trying to get pregnant?

    VERY! It took us 7 years and we finally gave up. It was our last month with a fertility doctor (we decided) because our hormones were a mess. Got the call 3 days later we were expecting.


    4. What’s one “mom chore” you would forever outsource if you could?

    I really dislike dusting. I usually wait until you can write your name on the table…not really but I don’t like dusting.


    5. Was your daughter a picky eater? How did you deal with it?

    She was when she was little. So I started a sheet. If she tried 10 things a week she got to pick a special outing…McDonalds or a movie. Now she will try everything. Way more than me!


    6. Did you daydream about being a stay at home mom?

    When she was born (I was 37) I so wanted to stay home. I know we could have tried to make it work but I wanted more for her than I had growing up. So I went back to work.


    7. What’s your (honest) meal plan for the week?

    I totally let my husband and daughter fend for themselves during the week. I usually plan a nice meal we can sit down together at on Sunday.


    8. What’s the one thing you would have done differently so far with your daughter?

    I would have saved more for her college tuition. She was accepted in the honors program at Michigan State University and even with a partial tuition scholarship we will be paying student loans for a while.


    9. If you could be instantly transported anywhere right now…where would you go?

    Back to the day she was born. The first time I held her I melted.


    10. Are you content with how your life is now?

    You know everyone wishes they had more…more time, more money, more healthy habits. Other than that I am pretty content.


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