We asked our listeners on our B103 Facebook page, “What is your go-to summer drink?” Some answered diet coke, gin and tonic on the rocks with lime, AND a drink called Hippie Juice.

    I had a friend’s socially distanced birthday party this weekend and thought I would put my mixologist skills to the test and recreate it and needless to say… it was a hit! The recipe calls for watermelon vodka, coconut rum, triple sec, and pink lemonade mix. I also cut up and put in fresh strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. You can use Malibu but I used Rum Haven which is made with coconut water. YUM!


    Hippie Juice:

    • 1 cup Watermelon Vodka
    • 1 cup Triple Sec
    • 1 cup Rum Haven or Malibu
    • 3 cups of Pink Lemonade mix
    • 2-3 cups of water, add more or less if desired
    • 5 large strawberries/blackberries/blueberries

    Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher, throw on ice and ENJOY! Hippie juice is my new favorite summer drink all thanks to our listener, Christina.