Name: Tiffany

    Age: 40

    Town: Roscoe

    Marital Status: Not Married

    Kids: Two girls; Sky 18 and Ariah 12 and one boy; Gavin 14

    Occupation: Retired USAF, & Registered Nurse


    1. How is homeschooling/e-schooling going?

    Fine. My kids grew up on military bases and went to Air Force schools before we moved back here. They are very disciplined. They do their thing, and for the most part I allow it, unless I get an email about missing work. Then I get to be the principal.


    2. What are you doing to keep active during quarantine?

    Feeding my spawns (constantly) and doing their laundry. Also bike rides and working out at home.


    3. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being “I’m losing my mind” to 10 “I am killin’ it,” how are you handling this ‘new normal?’

    10, totally killing it. I’ve been deployed for months at a time to countries that didn’t have stores we could go to, away from friends and family, with no internet or phone. This is giving me a chance to get stuff done around my house before summer.


    4. What have you been binge watching while in quarantine?

    I am a busy body, so I really only watch TV in bed at night…Ozark, Little Fires Everywhere, The Boys


    5. What’s the first thing you’ll do when sheltering in place is over?

    A road trip to the beach would be nice…but I’ll probably avoid the chaos of everyone being uncaged for a while, and drink margaritas on the boat with friends instead of alone, lol


    6. Were any important plans ruined by sheltering in place? If so, what?

    Yes. My friend and I were going to take a road trip (with our kids) to Florida over spring break for some beach therapy.


    7. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being “I’m just washing my hands” and 10 being “I’m washing and sanitizing every little thing that enters my house,” where do you land?

    8, I take care of my father daily who is immunocompromised, I have to be extra careful.


    8. Parenting style during quarantine: More strict, the same, or more laid back?

    Laid back for sure. They are already coping with all the change, adjusting to e-learning, and trying to process everything they hear on the news. I keep it chill at home. I want them to feel safe, loved, appreciated, and that they can express their frustrations and fears and we can figure out ways to put our minds at ease together.


    9. Do your kids miss school?

    Yes. I have a senior that is missing her senior year, her friends, the memories, prom, and probably graduation. It’s really hard on her.


    10. How many rolls of toilet paper do you have right now?

    Maybe 10. Which is what I would normally have split between my bathrooms. I’m reasonable. Stores aren’t closing, no need to hoard.


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