Name: Olivia

    Age: 28

    Town: Rockford

    Marital Status: Married

    Kids: 2 girls, 4 year old Yuna and 6 month old Rayna

    Occupation: Stay At Home Mom


    1. What was childbirth like for you?

    The first time was pretty easy. 5 hours of labor, my epidural worked wonders, only a few pushes and she was here. They say with every kid you have your labor time reduces but, not for me. The 2nd time I was in labor for 18 hours and was constantly being pumped with pain meds that didnt work. I felt it all and it was just awful.


    2. What was the first thought you had when you found out you were pregnant?

    The first time I instantly started crying tears of happiness and thought “holy crap I’m going to be a mom.” The 2nd time was the exact feeling I felt the 1st time, just sweeter because now I would get to see my baby become a big sister.


    3. What do you daydream about?

    Alot of things. Where will my family be 5 years from now? 20 years from now? What will life be like when my girls are teenagers and my husband and I are old and grey. The list goes on and on.


    4. What’s one thing you miss being able to do before you had children?

    Honestly….sleeping. I used to be able to stay up all night and function on only a couple hours of sleep. There’s no way I’d be able to do that now. I also used to worry a whole lot less about everything but now, I worry about it all. Just everything.


    5. If you had an extra hour a day…what would you do?

    Either get in shape or find a new hobby to get into. Those would be the goals anyway, I tend to lose sight of those things and just jump on Netflix instead.


    6. Wine, cocktail, or Beer?

    I rarely drink but when I do, I go for a Pabst.


    7. Any regrets?

    Not exactly, I just wish I had my 2nd child sooner so they would be closer in age.


    8. Fill in the blank: “I need more _______ right now?

    Coffee. I’m always in need of coffee.


    9. How would you describe your parenting style? Helicopter? Granola? Competitive? Free Range? Other?

    My parenting style is my own, I don’t label it. I just try to shape my child into a caring and respectful human being which she is naturally. She’s very curious so when she has a question, no matter the question, I try to answer it truthfully with minimal sugar coating. We just want our kids to be “real” in every aspect of their lives. Be proud of who they are and have fun doing it.


    10. Do you have a good support system?

    Absolutely. My husband is my everything, he’s an amazing father and always the calm to my storm. My mother and his mother are the best grandmas to our girls, just spoiling them to death with love and toys. All of our close friends we consider to be family, just always their for us and our kids. We’re lucky to both have families that are a constant in our lives. It doesn’t get much better than that.