First Name: Johnell

    Age: 28

    Town: Rockford

    Marital Status: Married

    Kids: 1 son, 11 months old.

    Occupation: Stay at home mom.


    1. Did you always plan to be a mom one day?

    I always knew I wanted to be a mom. At least to 1. So if I don’t have any more then that’s okay too. But I always wanted a girl. My dad and I would always talk about how he would take her shopping and she would always be with him. I just knew I wanted my kids to have that same bond I have with my parents. They are my everything.


    2. What’s something you’ve realized since becoming a mom that you should never leave the house without?

    Wipes! I know you can always stop and get some but who really wants to? Just recently we went to chicago and forgot them at home. Thank goodness for no huge accidents!


    3. If you could have one kid free night out, what would you do?

    I miss bowling with my hubby. So we would probably go do that. Or get massages. I’ve always wanted to take him. Or just spoil him with whatever he wants to do because he works so hard everyday. Something simple.


    4. Are you strict about the food your son eats?

    Yes and no. I always tell myself, I will not be the only chicken nuggets and french fries mom! And I do not allow juice because I mean, it’s just not good for you! We are water drinkers. But I know there is still lots that aren’t good for him that he gets so I’m not too strict.


    5. Is there something you used to secretly judge moms about until you had your own?

    Having our kid in the bed with us. Haha I just cant help it. It’s not always but some nights he’s in there with us. I heard it is hard to break but I still do it anyway.


    6. Have you ever felt judged by other moms?

    Definitely. Especially when I speak on what I don’t let him have such as juice or not wanting to start him on baby food too soon and going by what his doctor tells me. Everyone does their own thing though.


    7. What’s your biggest worry right now?

    Having to explain to our son why his papa passed away. My dad, my best friend, our son’s ‘lookalike’ passed away on Father’s Day almost 2 years ago now. Hardest day of my life but I know my dad sent our son to me. I found out 10 days after he passed that I was pregnant.


    8. What are some fun traditions you have with your kids?

    He’s only 11 months so we don’t have any yet. But for Christmas I did start where we buy 1 ornament for our tree and every year I plan to let him pick one out. But I do want to start making christmas boxes for him each year which includes, pajamas, a snack, and a movie or book inside.


    9. If you could hire help for something…what would it be?

    Cleaning my house because let’s just say, I’m lazy. And being a stay at home mom doesn’t help either. Haha I need to do better!


    10. Fill in the blank: “I need more ______ right now.”

    I need more ME time right now. I don’t like admitting it because I love being around our son and don’t really get out as it is. I’m a homebody but it would be nice to have time away from him sometimes.


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