First Name: Lacie

    Age: 27

    Town: Rockford

    Marital Status: Single

    Kids: Almost 1 year old son, Gatsby Jay

    Occupation: Bartender at Prairie Street


    1. What was childbirth like for you?

    It was the most painful and terrifying experience I’ve ever had. I was induced a week after my due date at 1 cm and we only got to the Cervidil when I went into full blown labor. I ended up with an emergency c-section after 3+ hours of pushing only to find out his head was turned sideways and my body was starting to give up.


    2. If someone walked into your house right now…what would they see?

    My tiny human passed out on his boppy in the middle of the living room with his bottle hanging out of his mouth. A few stray toys. My keys on the floor and a walking toy flipped over on coffee and tea stained carpet.


    3. What’s something simple that you love getting to do alone when you get the chance?

    EATING. I feel like I never get to eat between work and home. Sometimes I’ll stop at a fast food joint when Gatsby is passed out in the car just so I can eat in peace.


    4. What was the first thought you had when you found out you were pregnant?

    What the heck am I going to do. I wasn’t in any kind of relationship and was living in a crappy, no where near to code, apartment down town. I was content with my lifestyle. But I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Seriously though, pregnancy sucked. I didn’t ever get sick I just hated being one all the time.


    5. What do you daydream about?

    The future I want for my little one and I. I have a financially stable job with benefits and can spend weekends home with my boy. We live in a house I own in a good neighborhood within walking distance to a good school. He has his swing set with attached play house in the back yard. I have a washer and dryer on the main floor. He’s happy and passionate about whatever hobby he has taken to. My only stresses are thunderstorms and is he happy and healthy and what am I going to make for dinner. That is what I Day dream about.


    6. What’s one thing you miss being able to do before you had children?

    I miss having friends. Being a single mom you have a lot of mom friends but everyone usually has something going on which I completely understand. We’re still all emotionally supportive of each other. But the friends I had without kids? They pretty much vanished, aside from a handful, because it seems like their only social gathering activities are drinking. So they just don’t talk to me. When confronted it’s “well I don’t know when you have Gatsby so I figure you can’t hang out” if I’m not working I have my son. But it just kinda really makes me bummed that that’s the thought process. And then I reflect on how I treated friends when they had children before me. It was the same and I feel guilty about it.


    7. If you had an extra hour a day…what would you do?

    We would go on more walks and spend more time at a park.


    8. Wine, cocktail, or Beer?

    Usually I’m a Jack Daniels girl but I tried White Claw over the summer and I now understand the hoopla. But if wine is in play a good Malbec is nice to sip. As a rule though I try not to drink if I have my son.


    9. Fill in the blank: “I need more_____ right now.”

    Time to snuggle. He woke up and wanted to be held and feel asleep on my shoulder. But I need this time to get more chores done.


    10. Do you have a good support system?

    My mom does what she can. I’m actually moved in with her recently to pay off debts and save to buy a house. My family in Stockton is wonderful too as well as the friends I still see and talk to. They all offer me encouragement when I start feeling low. The other grandparents frequently watch Gatsby when I work which is really helpful. If his dad is in town I can count on him to take him as well.


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