Name: Mary

    Age: 43

    Town: Roscoe

    Marital Status: Married

    Kids: Nesha (26), Kyrie (20) Maximus (11), and Shawn Marie (7)

    Occupation: Nurse Practitioner


    1. Did you always plan to be a mom one day?

    Yes, I always wanted to be a mother.


    2. If you could have a night out kid-free, what would you do?

    Go have a nice steak dinner with my husband and maybe catch a movie.


    3. Are you strict about the food your kids eat?

    I should be, but I am not.


    4. Is there something you used to secretly judge moms about until you had your own kids?

    Kid leashes. I used to role my eyes and judge anyone that used them…until my son turned three and could get away from me faster than a bullet!


    5. Have you ever felt judged by other moms?

    Yes many times, and I think it is sad. We should stand together and support each other as women.


    6. What’s your biggest worry right now?

    National gun violence.


    7. What are some fun traditions you have with your kids?

    Lots of family board games. We play hide and seek in the dark every New Year’s Eve.


    8. If you could hire help for something…what would it be?



    9. What’s the weirdest item in your purse?

    Like three Swiss Army Knives.


    10. What’s a simple thing you love getting to do alone now that you are a mom?



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