Courtesy of Roscoe Township Historical Society

    If roaming cemeteries are your thing, this is made for you.

    Pro Tip: Wear comfortable walking shoes!

    The Roscoe Township Historical Society is hosting a guided walking tour of eight gravesites at the Roscoe Cemetery!

    It is on Saturday, September 14th. There are two walks, one at 1 p.m. and one at 3 p.m. Both are approximately and hour and a half long.

    These walks aren’t just going to see a bunch of graves that are random, they will be of the founding families who settled in Roscoe between 1835 and 1842. The families are: Cross, Lovesee, Richardson, Jenks, Ransom, McAffee, Thompson, Ilsley, Tuttle and Leland.

    At each of the sites, there will be story tellers that will shed light on their lives, failures and tragedy as they settled here.

    It is a free event but donations are accepted.

    This will be a great way to kick off the fall and Halloween season, while learning a thing or two about Roscoe!

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