So last night was really hard. My daughter is entering the pre-teen years and everything is getting more complicated…from school work to friendships. Also, we moved at the beginning of the school year so she’s still adjusting to her new school and friends. Last night she was dealing with the classic “3rd Wheel” issue between 2 friends and feeling left out. She cried most of the night and declared how she wanted to go back home and wasn’t good enough for the girls here…which breaks my heart to hear. I’m a fixer. The mama bear in me wanted to call the parents and make the girls all be friends again. I wanted to follow her around school today and make sure everyone is being nice…including my daughter. Most of this comes from the guilt I feel from taking her away from what was familiar…her old school and friends…and moving her to a brand new place. Every other night it seems there’s drama and I find myself getting all worked up wanting to fix it. But then I realized I need to let go sometimes. I can’t hold her hand forever…she needs to navigate through all this and learn valuable life lessons and coping skills. I also remembered all the friend drama I went through growing up and I lived to tell about it 😉

    Wanting to protect your kids from anything hurtful and fix everything that isn’t perfect is a mom’s instinct…but not possible or practical. How involved should we be when our kids are going through something like this?  Where’s the fine line? Do you have a similar story?

    Get in on the Real Mom Talk below and thanks for letting me vent! It takes a village right? 🙂

    ~Lisa Tyler